Homo Ludens

"We are Homo Ludens (Those who play). From the moment we enter this world, we instinctively invent ways to have fun..."


In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. An animated short.

The Pretence of Knowledge

"If man is not to do more harm than good ... he must learn to cultivate environments like a gardener."

Spatial Design Literacy

We evidently lack a ‘language’ with which to reason about, ‘read’ and ‘write’ wholesome urban form.

The Nature of Learning

"Ask a few kids: the reason most don't like school is not that the work is too hard, but that it is utterly boring."

Beauty Of Mathematics

"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty..."

Earnest Frolic

"A real education takes place, not in the lecture hall or library, but in..."

The Music is not in the Piano

Alan Kay explains why the computing revolution hasn't happened yet.

Knowledge Machines

"...adapted the mind to a very restricted set of available media; in the future, it will adapt media to each individual mind."

The Ecstasy of Curiosity

"And our goal is to create media, to create content, to create spaces that allow us to stay curious, to stay alive…"

The Whole

“Good. It seems like you've considered everything Atrus. You've tried to see the Whole.” “The Whole?”


Balance, by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein

Thinking like a Mountain

"A deep chesty bawl echoes from rimrock to rimrock, rolls down the mountain, and fades into the far blackness of the night."

How Wolves change Rivers

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable trophic cascade occurred.

The Quality Without A Name

"There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in man, a town, a building, or a wilderness..."

Thinking the Unthinkable

"Likewise, thinking tools adapt unthinkable thoughts to our human minds."

Inventing on Principle

"Social activists typically fight by organizing but you can fight by inventing."